Overwatch.exe file -> Properties -> Disable Fullscreen Optimization

Windows 10 Privacy:
O&O ShutUp10 – LINK

Disable prefetch/superfetch
Disable Wap Push
Diagnostics Tracking Service
Disable Fax

Spybot Anti-Beacon – LINK

Disable Diagnostic Tracking Service:

  1. Tap on the Windows-key, type services and hit enter.
  2. Locate the service Diagnostics Tracking Service and double-click on it,
  3. Activate the startup type menu and select disabled from it. This disables the services’ autostart.
  4. Click the stop button afterwards to stop the running process. This stops the service for the current session.

disable auto updates:

  1. Run the command takeown /f “%WINDIR%\System32\UsoClient.exe” /a
  2. This takes ownership of the file and assigns it to the administrator group giving you control over the file.
  3. Now run icacls “%WINDIR%\System32\UsoClient.exe” /inheritance:r /remove “Administrators” “Authenticated Users” “Users” “System”