Solve Windows 10 does not automount USB Drives anymore

My Windows 10 machine started behaving weirdly and did not mount any USB Drives / Harddrives and such anymore. I had to open the Disk Management Tool and mount them manually, which is quite inconvenient. So I was looking up the error and came across the nearly perfect solution at . However, I did change it a bit so that the VDS is changed to automatically start on boot via the CLI :).

Oh, and yes, you need to do this from an admin cmd 😉

First thing to check if something is wrong, is if your VDS (Virtual Disk Service) works. If not, set it to start on boot and start the service:

sc query vds
sc config vds start= auto
sc start vds
sc query vds

If automounting still not works, it could be deactivated. Start diskpart, watch the status of automount and if it is disabled, activate it.

DISKPART> automount
DISKPART> automount enable